Endoscopic Gluteoplasty with 4k Ultra-High Definition


Why buttocks? For long time people didn’t consider bottocks; people said “I don’t like my butt but I hide it; people don’t see it, why would I care for it”? This is changing, buttocks are going public now and nobody wants ugly butts. People are now concerned about their butt.

Buttock are usually too small, too flat, too narrow, too low, too squared or too loose. Patients dream of having a nicer butt, but usually they never ask for it. How can we help them? How can we augment buttocks volume and round shape? Fat injection, gluteal implants or hyaluronic acid injection. Let’s analyze them in a short brief.

Fat injection are easy to do and very popular but the patient has to have fat stocks; you can have a small volume increase but the result is not sexy “fat-ass” result; you can have some patients disappointing point of view: “I was so happy at the beginning but not anymore, I’m loosing everything”. Nobody wants disappointing patients in own private office.

Acid hyaluronic acid is a not-surgical procedure, you can have instant result but with poor ratio result and it is provide for small volume increase and the result is unstable result so you have to do again and is a disappoint procedure for patient and for the surgeon too.

With implants you need to do surgical skills and surgical environment, you need a short post-operatory recovery time. With the implant you have the best cosmetic result and this result will be stable over time. You sure have happy patients in your office!

Gluteoplasty with implants has always scared a lot of surgeons. Dr.Med Mattia Colli has been committed for years to make sure that it becomes a routine operation, just like breast augmentation, through private teaching in surgery courses with international audiences. Doctors who speak ill or lies about the surgical procedure and results don’t want to learn the technique and they terrify patients. Dr. Med Mattia Colli is the author who wrote and published the total submuscular gluteoplasty surgical technique.

Dr.Med Mattia Colli private gluteoplasty surgical training with total submuscolar technique is an important opportunity for those who want their skills related to the execution of this cosmetic surgery. Doctors can choose between two types of theoretical-practical courses:

Live total private surgery course
Live private streaming surgery course
A unique opportunity to attend, observe and also perform yourself the buttocks augmentation with silicone-gel gluteal implants. You will be participate in every step of the procedure, along with Dr.Med Mattia Colli.

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    Total Submuscolar gluteoplasty represents an innovation surgery technique that has performed not only many expert surgeons but also patients who have chosen this surgery.

    The implant is placed on a deeper anatomic plane than the typical tradition techniques, with an surgical time in which the gluteal muscles are not injured, with great and obvious advantages in post-operative recovery. New 4k endoscopy equipment and technology help you to perform a perfect total submuscular pocket to accommodate the implant.

    The minimally invasive buttock augmentation with total submuscular techniques has a duration of around 35 minutes. Is an out-patient surgery (day surgery). There is not so much pain, no drain; from 3 to 5 days home recovery. Any positioning is allowed. Manufactures now make good implants, higher resistance to pressure. Procedures are reliable, safe and efficient. In the submuscolar gluteal area there is no cancer, no capsular contracture, no areola, no nipple, no breast feeding, no asymmetry. There are no more complication than breast implants.

    we can usually divide patient requestes into three categories:

    a- “never too big”: demand of these patients usually are “my butt is a weapon of massive seduction, thus should be…massive”;

    b- “ambiguous patient”: usually says “I want a sexy silhouette” – “I don’t care if people know”;

    c- “absolutely natural”: it is typical that it relates: “No more flat butt, bring me what I miss from Nature, but no more”.

    To all surgeons: are we willing to surf the big wave or are we going to observe it from the shore?
    The first revolution in cosmetic surgery was breast cosmetic surgery, the second one was liposuction, now is time for gluteal cosmetic surgery. “You love breast implant? You’ll love bottocks implant”. Breast makes a promise, buttock will have to fulfil.

    Dr. Mattia Colli


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